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Why “My Best Friend’s Wedding” is an Instant Classic


When My Best Friend’s Wedding premiered 20 years ago, people expected a cliché, same old romantic comedy film wherein the girl gets the guy in the end, because “that’s how rom com films work.” But when viewers learned that the girl, in this case the phenomenal Julia Roberts, didn’t get the guy, (her best friend) movie-goers were actually glad. With her crazy antics and outright mean tactics, Roberts’ Jules proves that she’s not your typical lead.

What makes the film a classic is, it’s a refreshing take on the romantic comedy genre and the boy-girl platonic relationship plot during the era wherein storylines like a prostitute gets the luck of her life by meeting a wealthy business man (surprise, ends up being together) or when a widowed man falls in love with a Seattle resident when she hears his voice were heavily used. My Best Friend’s Wedding is that rare gem that comes every now and then that stays in our pop culture consciousness even decades after it first graced us.

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Met Gala 2017: The Lowdown on the Not-so Low-key Couples


This year’s Met Gala had Comme des Garçons and its beloved founder Rei Kawakubo as its theme. As predicted, most of the A-listers didn’t even wear a Kawakubo design; even worse was that most of them were wearing non avant-garde designs.

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The Show of the Century (at least for this year)

In recent years there has been a surge of interest with shows that portray real life crime stories. I first noticed the said surge when Serial happened. I religiously followed the podcast’s first season; in the end I just wanted more. After Serial Netflix produced its own version, the hugely popular Making A Murderer. It’s so huge that it’s been commissioned for a second season. Then there’s HBO’s The Jinx, and most recently a show about the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Along comes American Crime Story.


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Blogeroo 2.0


It’s been awhile since I last visited WordPress, four years to be exact. I remember starting at another blogging site then transferring here, then transferring to Tumblr (which still is active), then back here. Since I’m currently interning at a magazine, I’ll try and dedicate this blog with my love for zines. Here I’ll try to improve my skills (if ever there’s any!) in terms of layout and the like, and my love for writing. To add on that, this blog will also be a curated blog of all the things that I’m interested in: music, fashion, politics (??!), art, and everything in between. – D