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Of Art and Anton

If you were to ask me who my favorite actor is, I’d always answer Anton Yelchin. I first saw one of his films on tv, a Japanese one. I was fascinated by how he could act with actors that didn’t speak the same language as with his. His role was an outsider, a lovable one. And because of that one film I started following his craft.

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Blogeroo 2.0


It’s been awhile since I last visited WordPress, four years to be exact. I remember starting at another blogging site then transferring here, then transferring to Tumblr (which still is active), then back here. Since I’m currently interning at a magazine, I’ll try and dedicate this blog with my love for zines. Here I’ll try to improve my skills (if ever there’s any!) in terms of layout and the like, and my love for writing. To add on that, this blog will also be a curated blog of all the things that I’m interested in: music, fashion, politics (??!), art, and everything in between. – D