Of Art and Anton

If you were to ask me who my favorite actor is, I’d always answer Anton Yelchin. I first saw one of his films on tv, a Japanese one. I was fascinated by how he could act with actors that didn’t speak the same language as with his. His role was an outsider, a lovable one. And because of that one film I started following his craft.

So what happened on June 19 of this year literally came as a shock. As I was scrolling my feed, I saw a breaking news tweet that says that Anton has died. As a fan, I didn’t believe it at first. But then different news outlets started reporting about his death so I had to start accepting that he’s gone. As I read the articles I didn’t realize that I was shedding some tears. At that time I didn’t see him as an actor, instead I saw him as a person that was too young and too talented to die in such a tragic and painful way. He starred in one of my all time favorite film Like Crazy, so it would be painful for me to watch it again anytime soon.

He did not only leave us his crazy as hell acting skills, but he also showcased his other talent which is photography. Kelly Cole, the co-curator of the show and co-owner of Other, the show’s location, said “The intention was that the work would stand alone… That was a big thing for him, to have his work be respected as photography and not because he did it. That was at the core of who he was as a creative person.”

Anton surely did leave me shedding some tears once more.

Photography by Anton Yelchin




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