The Show of the Century (at least for this year)

In recent years there has been a surge of interest with shows that portray real life crime stories. I first noticed the said surge when Serial happened. I religiously followed the podcast’s first season; in the end I just wanted more. After Serial Netflix produced its own version, the hugely popular Making A Murderer. It’s so huge that it’s been commissioned for a second season. Then there’s HBO’s The Jinx, and most recently a show about the murder of JonBenet Ramsey. Along comes American Crime Story.

When it was announced that they would make a tv show about the infamous O.J. Simpson trial and that tv genius Ryan Murphy would produce it, I got interested. Then the casting was announced and so on. Although I haven’t seen it in its entirety, I liked the pacing of the whole show. The camera angles that were used made me feel like I’m inside the court, having used povs.

I also liked the chemistry between the actors. I fell deeper in love with Sarah Paulson and her craft. Of course David Schwimmer was amazing. But I gotta say, I think Cuba Gooding Jr.’s acting fell short. I loved him in Jerry Maguire, but I just felt that he could’ve done more. We were rooting for you man!

While we wait for the next season, I honestly am excited when they officially announce the actors that will take part on season three which will focus on the murder of famed designer Gianni Versace. Honestly I just can’t wait for Lady Gaga to play Donatella.

All images taken from GQ


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