I feel the need to expand this. I’ll try my best to not sound a little narcissistic.

Desiree’s a twenty year old girl who tries to wander the streets of Manila every now and then. She considers it her “alone time” and is when she figures out all the problems that she have made. She chose to study at the Colegio de San Juan de Letran because she thinks believes that she would find herself there and would develop all the potential that for now she doesn’t know. Desiree also likes to think that she’s sociable, even befriending someone at a jeepney station. She can be a little high maintenance on a few occasions but once you get to know her personally, you’ll understand why she’s like that.

Name: Desiree
Tumblr Name: desssays
Nickname/s: Des
Birthday: July 27th
Age: 21
Location: Manila
Current school/job: Colegio de San Juan de Letran | intern at Scout Mag
Status: In a relationship
Random fact about yourself: I talk to myself while watching Formula One
Hobbies/Interests: Writing, watching a lot of sports, singing in the showers, listening to music 24/7
Do you smoke/drink: No
Favorite Tumblr blog/s? ginobambino.tumblr.com
Why Tumblr? A lot of interesting things to read here, explore on things I’m not familiar with, no pressure to blog everyday for an inconsistent blogger like me!

– Sports

– Music

– Art

– Travel

– Pop Culture

– Food

– Fashion

– Books

– Film

– Politics

Amaze me.