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Why “My Best Friend’s Wedding” is an Instant Classic

When My Best Friend’s Wedding premiered 20 years ago, people expected a cliché, same old romantic comedy film wherein the girl gets the guy in the end, because “that’s how rom com films work.” But when viewers learned that the girl, in this case the phenomenal Julia Roberts, didn’t get the guy, (her best friend) movie-goers were actually glad. With her crazy antics and outright mean tactics, Roberts’ Jules proves that she’s not your typical lead.

What makes the film a classic is, it’s a refreshing take on the romantic comedy genre and the boy-girl platonic relationship plot during the era wherein storylines like a prostitute gets the luck of her life by meeting a wealthy business man (surprise, ends up being together) or when a widowed man falls in love with a Seattle resident when she hears his voice were heavily used. My Best Friend’s Wedding is that rare gem that comes every now and then that stays in our pop culture consciousness even decades after it first graced us.

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